Caring for Our Community

Together, we can make a difference.

No matter where you live, there is someone who could use a little help. At Baptist, extending our services and support well beyond our hospital walls to provide compassionate, comprehensive care to the underserved, underinsured and uninsured is a large part of our mission. That’s why we partner with other organizations with the goal of ensuring that our communities have access to advanced, skilled and compassionate health care. It’s more than a mission, really. It’s fulfilling our promise. To help, simply designate your gift for the general Caring for Our Community Fund, or to one of our specified funds. Thanks for your support.

Baptist Heart Institute

Baptist Hearth Institute is a leading-edge facility well known for delivering high-quality heart and vascular diagnostics, treatment and preventative care for our patients. It is also a much-respected research center that provides our doctors and nurses opportunities to grow their knowledge and develop their skills. Your support goes directly to research, equipment, staff education and other patient-related needs.
Support Baptist Heart Institute 

Baptist Memorial Hospitals

There are 22 Baptist Memorial hospitals throughout our footprint in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi, and each is dedicated to serving the needs of its community. You can help your local hospital, or any of the hospitals in our system, by designating your gift to their respective Baptist Memorial Hospital Fund.

Your gift can be used for upgrades in technology, facility improvements, community outreach and other charitable needs. As a not-for-profit organization, we often rely on the generosity of Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation supporters to help fulfill our mission of quality care.
Support Baptist Memorial Hospitals

Baptist Memorial Medical Education

Quality patient care and the future of health care depend in large part on the constant development of our health care providers’ knowledge and experience. This fund supports the continuing education, training and professional development of Baptist’s physicians to keep them at the vanguard of patient care, innovations in diagnosis and treatment, medical technology and more.
Support the Baptist Memorial Medical Education Fund

Baptist Operation Outreach

Baptist Operation Outreach is dedicated to providing not just basic care to our homeless populations, but ongoing medical services, screenings and testing, preventative care and disease management. Whether in our fixed location in midtown Memphis or our mobile unit, our doctors and nurses go where the need is the greatest, and your support will help us provide excellent medical care and social services to those in our communities who need the most help.
Support Baptist Operation Outreach 

Baptist Reynolds Hospice House

Baptist Reynolds Hospice House provides much-needed comfort and support to patients and their loved ones in a home-like environment with around-the-clock comprehensive care from a compassionate health care team. Your support goes directly to provide patient financial assistance for room and board, and items and services for both patients and their families to bring comfort and grace during a most challenging time.
Support Baptist Reynolds Hospice House 

Employee Assistance

Often, Baptist Foundation is called on to provide compassionate care for Baptist employees and their families. The Employee Emergency Assistance Fund was established to help our colleagues experiencing financial and urgent hardships. Through this fund, we can assist employees with unforeseeable expenses resulting from natural disasters; the loss of a home from fire or flooding; unexpected medical expenses; or, loss of income due to an injury, sickness or the death of a spouse. When the need for help is closer to home, your gift to this fund allows Baptist Foundation to provide needed support and comfort to one of our own in a time of need. You do not need to be a Baptist Employee to contribute to this fund.  
Support Employee Emergency Assistance

Friends of Nursing Fund

This special fund makes it possible for staff nurses throughout the Baptist Memorial Health Care system to attend seminars, participate in research projects, receive reimbursement for specialty certifications, purchase educational materials, and experience other training opportunities. Gifts to this fund often come from grateful patients, physicians and nurses who wish to honor colleagues or remember loved ones.

The Friends of Nursing Fund helps cover certifications, professional development conference fees, test preparatory courses and certification preparation materials and books. Gifts designated for Friends of Nursing will help continue the growth and development of our talented nurses.
Support Friends of Nursing

Greatest Need

If you would like to see your gift go directly to where financial support is needed the most, you may elect to have your contributions used where the need is greatest. These dollars assist with care and services that Baptist Foundation has determined have no additional means of support. By filling in the gaps using these otherwise undesignated funds, we can ensure that patients and families receive personal, advanced care and services they need regardless of their financial situation.
Support Greatest Need

Palliative Care

Our palliative care team is dedicated to helping patients and families manage end-stage care with compassion, dignity and grace. Palliative care is often the most challenging and emotional time for patients and families. Your support of the Palliative Care Fund helps pay for resources and tools that provide comfort for patients and improve their quality of life.
Support Palliative Care 

Pastoral Care

Spiritual care is a vital part of Baptist’s three-fold mission of healing, teaching and preaching. Spiritual care is also a very important part of a patient’s ability to heal and progress through recovery. The Pastoral Care Fund helps us address the spiritual needs of our patients and Baptist employees regardless of religious denomination, reinforce their faith, and provide comfort and hope.
Support Pastoral Care 

Patient Assistance

In every community we serve, there are many patients who lack the resources, options and insurance to afford the care they need. The Patient Assistance Fund is designed to let you directly help those in need, with financial assistance to cover the cost of medicines, home medical equipment, transportation needs and other costs associated with medical care.
Support Patient Assistance 

Priceless Wishes for Hospice Patients

For patients in hospice care, and their families, every moment is precious. Through the Priceless Wishes Fund, we work to provide the resources to help grant a patient’s most desired wish. Your gift can help grant a hospice patient’s Priceless Wish to make their last days and hours more meaningful and create lasting memories for their families.
Support Priceless Wishes for Hospice Patients

Women’s Health Center

The Baptist Women’s Health Center is a full-service mammography facility dedicated to women’s health. Medical services include screening and diagnostic mammograms, bone density scans, lymphedema treatment, education on breast health, and a breast cancer support group.

Gifts to this fund can provide mammography services for the underinsured or uninsured.

Women can also take advantage of a complimentary program that focuses on their inner and outer beauty with professional make-up tips, techniques for wearing wigs, adornments, and post-surgical attire and living a healthy lifestyle.
Support the Women’s Health Center